Audio / video chat thanks to new technologies

ViewMyBrowser is in continuous development!

Real-time calls can be started via ViewMyBrowser using WebRTC.
With the new milestone audio and video call you and your customers are even closer to the solution of the problems.

Your customers see you and you see your customers - talk one-on-one as if you are directly there.








You can use the audio / video chat with the following browsers:

  • Opera
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Soon even more will be available.

This feature can of course be turned off in the beginning for the session.




ViewMyBrowser at the CCW in Berlin

CCW is the International Convention Trade Fair for Customer Service, Communication and Call Center Business in Estrel Convention Center Berlin.

ViewMyBrowser is taking part in the exhibition on a shared stand with LikeBillions and is presenting the possibilities modern technologies can offer.

With the help of LikeBillions and ViewMyBrowser the members of your Call Center staff can start a browser content transfer directly from a phone call with one click only, without requiring any further actions from the caller.
That saves several minutes per session compared to the mainstream solutions.
The customer satisfaction and loyalty increase notably thanks to the direct contact.

See the world through your customers' eyes and with one click be there for them when they really need you!

Visit us at hall 3 stand B4 and let us introduce the new possibilities to you!


15 years of EGOTEC GmbH!


EGOTEC GmbH started 15 years ago in the Idea Workshop in Mosbach. Meanwhile the company's CEO Heiko Roth and his team moved to their own premises, which offer enough space for his constantly growing enterprise.
Heiko Roth himself is into IT since the age of 14 and that way he made his hobby a profession.

Since 1999 the software specialist from Mosbach offers his clients a customized Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) that allows the collecting, processing and managing of data. Besides the initial ECM product the company now offers also development and distribution of software solutions for timekeeping and tools for remote support.

For the purposes of the digital timekeeping and leave management EGOTEC has developed a custom cloud-based software named that is also available as an App to be used with a smartphone or a tablet. The range of products was recently expanded with a new browser tool for sales support. It gives the companies the option to offer support to their clients easy, secure and personalized.

The span of the company's clients are small and medium-sized enterprises located all over the world from Alaska to Tasmania. The software solutions from the Neckar-Odenwald District have an excellent reputation even with big public organizations such as universities or hospitals. Meanwhile over 1000 clients all over the world appreciate and enjoy the software and the support of Mosbach's developers.

Mr. Roth himself carries out the training and education of his employees in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)Over the last 15 years 14 trainees have successfully completed their education in the company.
That ensures new ideas and innovative drive.
Currently the fresh enterprise has three traineesThat is the key to success in Mr. Roth's opinionThe time has proven him right and with his approach and vision there are many successful years for this company to come.


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