Our mindset


Complicated is a foreign word for us. Without any prior knowledge or expensive training you can start to use SaaS.de at any time. Our goal:

We want to ensure our products are as easy as possible for you to use. 


We base our day-to-day development work on our web applications on the principle of "few clicks to 1-click". For example: fast processing on using the system and fast retrieval of important data. It is also very important for us that you receive prompt and adequate support in case of any difficulties. We will therefore provide you with the proper answer to your questions within 24 hours. Our goal here is:

To offer you even faster solutions for products & services. 


Under "flexibility" we understand not only the flexible use and mobility of SaaS.de, but also interfaces that are easy & simple to integrate into existing systems, such as MS Outlook or your intranet. We also want you to use our products because you like them, that is why you will not find any obligations regarding the duration of use of the product - there is no notice period for terminating the use of the services. Our goal is:

To provide you the greatest possible flexibility in the terms of use and duration of contract.“ 


Your opinion and your problems are very important for us. We always take into account your opinion and develop new features to solve the growing problem in the area of time keeping and personnel scheduling. For this reason innovation is one of the most important building blocks of our organization as well as of our products & services. The objective is:

To regularly provide you with new innovations to solve your growing problem. 


At SaaS.de you will not find any off-the-shelve mass products. We offer you a customized solution that is matched to your specific requirements. Our goal is:

To make everything suit you.

Every element of our mindset is of equal for us